Ieweras Gray Foundation

Four Bridges Traveling Permaculture Institute is now the fiscal sponsor for the Ieweras Gray Foundation.


The Ieweras Gray Foundation was created after she passed into the Sky World to honor her life. We are keeping Ieweras’ memory alive by helping other children and their families who are battling cancer.  The Foundation provides comfort to those families by helping with expenses.  There are many unseen expenses, such as travel, lodging, food and medical costs.  These can take a toll on a family.  The energy can now be focused back on the child & their healing.

Ieweras’ dream was not only to fight childhood cancer but to unify and help all of our people to fight the causes of environmental destruction of our Mother Earth.  She always dreamed of being on the front lines, protecting our Earth.  Now, she is there watching over Turtle Island.

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