2014 Peru Service Learning Trip

Service Learning Trip – Pisac, Peru July 7 to 14, 2014

The trip will cost $1,5oo and will include visits to ancient Incan sites including Ollantaytambo, Saksaywaman, Tambomachay, and Machu Picchu.  Cost includes park entrance fees, in country travel, meals, lodging, and training certificate.  It does not include travel to and from Peru.  Passport is required.

Service Learning Work will take place at the Kusi Kawsay School 

The educational institution, Kusi Kawsay in Pisac, Peru confronted a challenge with the 1st promotion of students that graduated in 2012.  The students come from families with low financial resources, even with all the good education and values they’ve gotten at Kusi Kawsay, have to confront a hard reality. In Peru, the discrimination and the lack of financial resources determine the destiny of many people.

In this case the student’s parents will have to send the kids to look for jobs in construction or anything that could represent an immediate way of income that could support the family’s maintenance.  These youthhave much higher capacities with a mentality of leaders and an entrepreneur capacity that makes of them a hope and a model to revitalize and recuperate our culture, but they could easily end up with their dreams frustrated by being forced to start the same life of “survival” perpetuated for generations. Being conscious about this reality we would like to give them a last impulse with this farmer project, a way to generate an income that will also give them time to keep studying if they want or stay working with this company of which they will be collective owners instead of eternal employees.

The vision of the project also includes a percentage of the profits that will go to support Kusi Kawsay School and to keep on growing and giving new opportunities for the kids of future promotions.

This project will dignify the word “campesino” or farmer, which became so pejorative in our country.

Let’s prove that it’s possible for a farmer with cultural identity to succeed not just with an emotional well being in harmony with his environment but also achieving in a tangible way, a worthy economy that will provide him with all he needs and more in order to keep sharing and living in reciprocity.

Another positive aspect of the project success is that will inspire others to find creative solutions instead of migrate to the cities where they will get to know the real misery in all the word senses.


Production of Organic vegetables and natural by- products

·        A variety of greens for a delicate “mesclun” that will be offered to many gourmet restaurants and hotels of the area and the organic basket of veggies for the families

·        Medicinal plants for making essential oils and herbal preparations

·        Tinctures, soaps, shampoo, natural detergent, ambient purifiers.

·        Dehydrated fruits and energetic bars

And when the project consolidates we can start to offer programs and workshops for people that want to learn by living a real experience of Andean Agro centric culture. 

·        Direct participation on organic agriculture activities

·        Conferences on Agro centric view of the world.

This center will grow with the energy given by its members.

It will be also always exposed to the local people with the intention of inspire and promote our native crops and the models of production with communitarian ethics based on the rich cultural legacy left by our ancestors.