Annual Conference

The annual Traditional Agriculture & Sustainable Living Conference was developed eight years ago to generate pro-active community response in support of building sustainable communities, a healthy ecology, and reviving traditional healing, and indigenous agricultural practices. The conference features two Keynote speakers, two Presenters, six panels addressing variety of sustainability topics including a Youth Panel organized by students of Santa Fe Indian School, and other area schools and offers several workshops throughout the two day event.  The conference contributes tremendously toward the goal of making the State of New Mexico, and the nation aware of the need for sustainable living practices, traditional agricultural knowledge, and awareness of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s.)  The conference is organized by a partnership of like-minded organizations including the Pueblo of Tesuque, Four Bridges Traveling Permaculture Institute, Sostenga at Northern New Mexico College, and the support of many other organizations and volunteers.

This conference was created to bring awareness to the prevalence, presence and threat of genetically modified seeds and foods to the indigenous values and practices of native peoples. Dialog generated promotes healthy, traditional, sustainable methods of agriculture that exist as viable alternatives that are threatened by mono-crop corporate agriculture. In cooperation with the Native American communities of Northern New Mexico with their tradition of agriculture and self sufficiency, it inspires people to abandon their reliance on corporate agriculture and the consumerism life styles that surround them.   Activities throughout the event demonstrate the validity of traditional agriculture and knowledge to the broader community.

The Traditional Agriculture and Sustainable Living Conference inspires critical dialog towards better understanding of the relationship between tradition and sustainability. With a unique and quality level of speakers, relationships are formed and the issues, that are not always easy or without controversy, are discussed. The synergy between values and natural science is palatable and critical as we address issues of climate, food security and culture.  This is the only annual conference of its kind  in the area that fills the need of education the people of Northern New Mexico on the need to develop sustainable living practices and warns against the perils of GMO’s and conventional farming pushed upon the people by companies such as Monsanto.